Monday, July 25, 2005

Having nothing better to do on the afternoon after the service in Galleria, I went and watched Fantastic Four twice in a row. It was an enjoyable experience but the reason for the second viewing was that I didn't feel like going home yet and I had to catch some lines in the movie to make sure I wasn't hearing things.

How was it, those of you who-shied-away-because-the-critics-say-it-sucks-to-high-heavens ask? It was better than was I expected it to be. Remember how we laughed in mockery and threw our pre-conceived judgments at this prior a year ago and right after we watched, The Incredibles? Consider that a lifesaver. I may still get this on DVD. I won't bother much with detailed reactions to each scene and how the characters were fleshed out by the actors except for a shout out to Director Tim Story for getting Michael Chiklis to play Ben Grimm. Mr. Chiklis is a brilliant actor often overlooked by the major award giving bodies and studios alike. Those of you who watched the Icon Productions produced TV-movie, The Three Stooges (2000) would be familar with the way he essayed the role of Curly Howard with almost the same intensity and sensitivity in that flick. Simpy awesome.

Aside from a positive response to the movie, I also noticed the following that may have escaped the eyes and ears of those people who have watched this movie:

1. Did anyone notice how they used the same opening soundtrack for Spider-man for the opening of this movie? Is this going to be a norm for all upcoming Marvel movies?

2. Remember that scene where Sue Storm was unpacking in her room in the Baxter Building right after the Brooklyn Bridge incident? When Victor Von Doom barged into the room catching her by surpriseright before Reed came into the room catching everyone by surprise? Remember what she said? It goes something like, "We're staying with your brother for the meantime. I apologize I wasn't able to inform you..." something-something-something. Now I watched this movie twice in a row but did she imply that Reed and Victor were brothers? I distinctly heard the words "your brother" but I could be wrong.

Then I read this review after watching the movie how, "In fact, an early script draft of the Fantastic Four portrayed the members as a family, to the cries of protests from the purists. Instead, what we get is an ersatz family, that puts the ‘F’ in dysfunction."

3. Reed Richards a fan of Devo? It's true! There was a signed of group picture of the 80s band on the dresser in Sue's room while she was unpacking.

4. This is a minor quibble but when Alicia referred to God she referred to Him as a "She." Wiccan or just a plain feminist?

For all its worth, this is a fun movie and anybody who says otherwise ought to get out and watch this again and again till they finally get it.

* Check out also the review in Hollywood Jesus for more insightful reactions to this great movie.

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