Monday, July 18, 2005

I had my share of watching "chick flicks" over the weekend mostly because I had no say in the matter due to unavoidable circumstances. It was a fun ride and most expectations regarding these movies were turned inside out:

The first was Jennifer Love Hewitt's movie, If Only, which based on the trailers I inevitably watched before looked a lot like your typical B-movie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I was dragged into watching this because my sister decided that this was a better choice than watching The Fantastic Four.

I've set all expectations to negative after reading about the plot in a newspaper review which compared it to Groundhog Day but without the plus factor. By the end of the we were both proved wrong. Big time wrong. the story was predictable yes but it had the right charm to it you couldn't help but still fall in love with it. It's also a big factor that he two lead actors (Hewitt and Paul Nicholls) had a great chemistry going between them. And Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wow. I'm not a fan but she's just lovable in this movie you also couldn't help but love her to pieces. Her sparkly and bubbly personality opened the door for me to start loving the whole thing.

I had higher expectations for Monster-In-Law but it let me down. What promises to be a great comedy flick with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez battling it out for the same man ran out of gas before it even reached the finish line. All it seems to do was try to replicate some formulas that made an earlier wedding movie classic, My Best Friend's Wedding a box office hit.

There were a couple of funnies in this film like actress Wanda Sykes' ability to be funny just by standing around, morning talk show hostess (Jane Fonda) jumping on a Britney Spears clone in rage for being a dunder-head, and uh... well, Jane Fonda herself for coming up with a spirited performance that completely leaves J-Lo's character in the dust. But sadly these weren't enough to save the film. My conclusion? It was a case of too little, too late.

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