Saturday, July 23, 2005

I'm in great pain right now. Well not as great as it was two days ago when our family dog bit me on the leg. It was an accident really. He was aiming for the other dog during one of their big fights when in the process of separating them he grabbed the nearest thing he could see and started biting it. Real hard.

They don't usually fight when they're together by themselves. In fact by force of circumstance they're the best friends and nothing really gets in the way of their friendship except for two things: food and my attention. Being a big dog lover that I am (I shifted from being a huge cat lover) I can't help but pat them on the head while saying "good dog" whenever I can (which amounts to almost every waking minute they have). Aside from that fact, the social alpha dog (being a dalmatian and all) enjoys the privilege of coming and going from our house in contrast with the much smaller mongrel who just stays outside to guard the house.

It's a huge mistake to show preferential treatment for one over the other. I guess I forgot about that cardinal rule when I petted the smaller dog in full view of the bigger dog. I mean I wasn't carrying him or something so I thought it didn't count.

Then they stared at each other's eyes. Unmoving for a good minute or so.

Then it started. They started snarling at each other and the smaller dog suddenly lunged at the bigger one. Sometime in the middle of that brawl I got bit. The wound looked a lot more surreal than icky at the start. There wasn't any blood but the gash looked more like a hole made when the skin covering it was shoved aside unceremoniously by a tooth. Nothing red, just a black hole preview of muscle. The skin surrounding it was bruised black along with the small to medium scratches around the area.

I couldn't walk around much the first day and a half. It even hurts to just stand. I never told anyone about it till late at night when the thought of the possibility that my leg would be cut off because of the swelling started to scare me. Good thing the pain subsided somewhat last night enough for me to attend the Den meeting in Cubao. And later to another meeting at Lico's house.

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