Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm trying to catch up with the movie-going crowd (read: my friends and everybody who's anybody in my blogging circle) and went out to finally watch, War of the Worlds. I like the movie contrary to what everyone's reaction is or was to the ending.

Alien silently watches humans throughout our long history like a scientist watches microbes through a microscope and when everything in the world seems to be falling apart through war, political correctness, and terrorism they decide it's time to put us out of our misery in the worst possible manner. But before they could go on with their killing they make the big mistake of opening their ships' hatches exposing them to all kinds of germs and bacteria.

The best acting accolade in this film belongs to child actress, Dakota Fanning who continues to creep us out with her maturity in handling her roles. You look into her eyes and you see an old soul peering back at you. She's a natural. I love it! In contrast I hated Tom Cruise's character who never did anything beyond standing around trying to get a clear view of those tripod death machines disintegrating his neighbors. Oh yeah, my brother pointed out an inconsistency in the story. Like why would Tom Cruise pick up a fragment of the road where lightning struck and then forget about it? Did he just remembered to take a souvenir in case it was nothing at all? And the people standing around gawking at the alien ships. Why would they stand around looking at something they know could possibly deal them with great harm? It makes no sense at all.

But aside from those quibbles, I like the way the whole thing was executed. Hehe... This definitely wasn't E.T.

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