Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's been a long time since I answered online quizzes like this on the blog, think it would be nice to try my hand on one again. Got this from Daniel:

Total Number of Films I Own on DVD And Video
I currently own 66 titles on DVD. I'm ashamed to say this but around five of them are not originals. The movies range from toons to comedy to drama and a few feel good movies thrown in to boot. Six of those are Filipino movies that I deemed were good enough to keep (these ones are part of the original DVDs. Yehey!).

The Last Film I Bought
Death Becomes Her. We just couldn't get enough of this movie with all its quotable quotes:

Emergency Room Doctor: I tell you what, kids, it's, uh, odd thing here. Your wrist, uh, far as I can tell, is, uh, fractured in three places. Uh, and you've shattered, uh, two vertebrae, though I can't be certain without an X-ray... The bone protrusion through the skin - that's not a good sign. You're body temperature is below 80, and your, your, your heart's stopped beating.
Ernest Menville: What the hell does that mean?
Emergency Room Doctor: Exactly! What... what... I'm going to get a second opinion.
[the doctor leaves in a hurry]
Madeline Ashton: Well, it could be worse.
Five Films Which I Watch a Lot / Mean a Lot to Me
This is really going to be hard. Okay among those that I now have on hand, but not necessarily in order:
Schindler's List - One of the best Spielberg films in book next to E.T.
Raising Helen - Two words: Kate Hudson. That and the "coming of age" story for a single carefree woman learning to become a responsible mom.
Back To The Future 1 & 2 - I can't get tired of this two no matter who many times I watch it.
The Notebook - One of the best love stories I've ever watched. Teaches a nice lesson what it is and what it's not.
Amadeus - One of the earlier influences of my eldest brother (who's into classical music) on us younger sibs. Lavish costumes, awesome dramedy performances from lead actor Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham.

(Three) People I’m Passing the Baton to
I wanna see how Gerry A., JP, and Patrick answer theirs.

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