Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Click the images to know more about each title.

Have you been to the Fully Booked Store in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell? I have, last Sunday afternoon. It is HUGE! The biggest bookstore I've seen here in our country which looks more like a museum cum library (National Bookstore doesn't count and its real bookstore arm, Powerbooks kinda has its limits). The art section is cool! Cooler than it was before. The Graphic Novels section is WHOAH! The Theology and Humanities section remained the same. I picked up a couple of titles and vowed to come back for the others. These are the ones that are definitely recommended if you're a curious seeker who wants to swim in the waters of real Christianity beyond the dead rituals of religion, just to see what its all about before making a commitment. The second book is by author Jack Miles who also wrote the 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning book, God: A Biography.

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