Friday, August 19, 2005

I almost forgot about the German Silent Film Festival happening annually at this time of the year in Megamall. I was only able to catch the third movie out of the four that the Goethe Institute has scheduled for the month. This movie is the famoues, Dr Mabuse, Der Spieler, the first part of two movies originally done in 1922. I only have scant knowledge about this movie, all the while I tried to remember where it was I first heard about the name Dr. Mabuse.*

The representative of Goethe Institute made the introduction before the movie started with a "warning" that the feature we were about to watch is around two hours long. I thought it was unusual that a silent film could be that long so I sat back and prepared myself to take in whatever story was to unfold.

Ten minutes into the story I began to regret that I skipped last week's movie instead of this one.

It was one of those movies whose stories start in the middle and nothing makes sense until you get to the half or two-thirds of the film when everything starts to fall into place. Usually. I was bored out of my skull. The movie moved at its own pace with characters popping in with no prior introduction or explanation whatsoever. I'm not gonna recount the story here, just click the link I provided above and read the rave reviews (their reasons for raving over it escapes me still). The only good thing about the whole movie is the unforgettable job actor, Rudolf Klein-Rogge did in the the title role. He certainly ran circles around the two bumbling protagonists running after him.

* The 80s band, Propaganda has a song titled "Dr. Mabuse" in their debut album, A Secret Wish.

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