Monday, August 29, 2005

I had a childhood fascination about ghost stories, it was more of the idea of people seeing unusual things than the scare factor was what reeled me in. Though the pull of reading these stories isn't as strong as it was before I took exception to watching The Skeleton Key out of curiosity for what was billed as an "American version of Japanese Horror" and also because of blonde cutie, Kate Hudson. I went in expecting a really good storyline but came out disappointed. It wasn't a ghost story. What it was about is Hoodoo religion and how the pesky and annoying curiosity of the female protagonist who couldn't resist putting around where she shouldn't got her into a lot of trouble. It was the same traditional character in old horror stories where foolhardy people would go in the dark corners of a place instead of waiting for daylight or calling for back up. You know they're asking for it. Even daring trouble to come out and bite them in the tushy.

If you're one of the peeps who went in to see this movie you might have noticed the driveway going to the old house and the old house itself looking like the one they used in Forrest Gump. But according to some posters in IMDB, it wasn't. Some even provided the address address of the real house used in the latter which isn't even in Louisiana. There are also speculations that there might be a sequel to this movie due to the obvious clues dropped and scattered here and there in the movie. This is probably true if they're also following Japanese tradition of making horror movies revolving around undying antagonists by threes. This we'll have to see but I don't think I'll be watching the succeeding movies, if ever.

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