Monday, August 15, 2005

This is another screenshot from the video of the song playing right now, It Must Be Love by my favorite British/ska/new wave group Madness. This is one of their most popular and well loved singles which reached the number four position in January, 1982 in the music charts. Originally done by another British singer, Labi Siffre (in December, 1971), they first performed this song in their concert tours and proved to be such a big hit among their audience they had to give in and finally recorded the song. The video shows them singing into an open grave, second vocalist Chas Smash (dressed as a mourner) running in front of a car, members of the band playing guitar underwater in the pool, saxophone playing with killer whales, dressed like bees and Big Bird, etc. Still having the same fun and nuttiness they've always been known for. Incidentally, Labi also makes a cameo appearance in the video as one of the white tuxedo-clad violinists.

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