Monday, August 15, 2005

We've been getting some serious reactions to the theme of the Komikon 2005 Indie Comics Contest most of which think it's limited only to those studying in UP. So by way of explaining the theme which should encourage out-of-the-box thinking we hereby present the reason for this unusual theme:

This is a scanned image of the rules and regulations the administrators of UP Diliman's Bahay Ng Alumni gave us. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY knows the real reason for it being banned (including their students).

That's where you guys come in to try and supply the "urban legend" explanation for rule #6!

It could be funny, it could be serious, it could be horrifying, it could be romantic, it could be a tear-jerker, it could be one that borders on sci-fi or fantasy. Just tell us why!

The more you convince us or the wilder it is, the better!

Rules for the indie comics contest can be read here.

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