Monday, September 05, 2005

I tried out this Gullibility Factor Test to see how much of pushover to advertisers. You'd only need to answer True or False on the spaces provided and they will instantly calculate your score to see if you're a free-thinking individual or a total mind slave. You do need to the answer all questions or your score will be artificially low.

Correct answers are also provided at the end of the test. This is what I got:
Your GF score is 67.

As a Learner, you're smart enough to know better, yet you're still not fully informed about reality. Around 15% of the population are Learners. You have the critical thinking skills to be a truly free individual, but you haven't exercised them enough yet. From time to time, you're still manipulated by the powers that be, although you frequently learn from those mistakes and refuse to be exploited again. You buy things because they are practical, not because they're cool.
If you were in The Matrix, you would have taken the red pill, but you would still be in a state of mild disbelief about the nature of reality. You are essentially unplugged, but still untrained. With more knowledge, you could become a true free thinker.

Your architects: You have always been an independent thinker. You rebelled against your parents, schoolteachers and always chose to hang out with smart friends who weren't necessarily that popular to the "in" crowd. Increasingly, you shape your own world by deciding what actions to take based on your own internal drive rather than what society tells you is right.

Action steps: Learn more. Educate yourself through alternative media and cutting-edge books. Read the answers below to get started.
Some of the results aren't accurate so it's best that you don't take the results too seriously. This test is offered for entertainment purposes only and not so much as a real gullibility gauge.

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