Friday, September 30, 2005

Me and my friend caught the second to the last showing of The Transporter 2 earlier this evening at the Greenbelt 3 cinema. Well it was either that or The Cave. I don't like horror movies that much and the latter seems like a B-movie of sorts anyway. I dodn't get to catch the first movie so this is a whole new experience for me. I just thought the car chase in the movie's trailer was too good to pass up. I did like it though my friend was polite all throughout the time we were together.

What I did notice about it is that it's a lot like eating Sushi. It's an acquired taste but it's not hard to like Frank Martin's (Jason Statham) character. He doesn't talk much but punctuates his actions with the most creative, testosterone laden punch I've ever seen. Compared to him James Bond looks a like a sissy-boy. I might get a copy of this movie in DVD, just to have something on hand.

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