Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No loud barfing noises please.

Would you believe me if I told the movie, Red Eye is I think the first Wes Craven flick I've watched in all my life? It's true and I liked it! The trailer first led us to believe that this was one of those romantic movies where girl meets boy in a busy airport, then it goes on to say that it's about this silent hostage situation involving the girl, Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) a Miami hotel concierge and her seatmate, the creepy and icy hitman, Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy). The trailer doesn't give much information as to what prompted this situation and before you knew it the two leads has already started reeling you in slowly into their world like a silent witness helpless to do anything else.

If you must know, the situation was politically prompted and it has something to do with the United States' current war on terror and Director Wes Craven cleverly wittled it down to a personal level. You think that war doesn't have anything to do with you? Guess again. It was the last thing Lisa expected on the way home to her dad in Texas. She's a bubbly, kind hearted woman who refuses to be sucked in the world's system of looking out for number one. On the way to the airport she even manages to assist a nervous new comer to the hotel business, Cynthia (Jayma Mays) navigate her way out of a sticky situation. And while lining up to the ticket counter she courageously faced up to an irate passenger before Jack stepped up to help her. The introduce each other and engaged in the usual small talk. There was a budding attraction between or what seems like it until the airplane took off and Jack's mask followed suit. He threatened Lisa to cooperate by doing everything he asked her or else suffer the consequences of having her dad, Joe Reisert (Brian Cox) die a violent death in the hands of a cold blooded killer. Lisa tries to keep her wits about her in the midst of her shock and grief. All throughout the journey she tried every single thing she could to buy time till she could get help, prevent a high profile assassination, and assure her dad's survival.

A lot of things going for this movie made me go for this movie but I'll sum it up into three: the action is great, the three lead actors were really great, and the awesome directing job Director Wes Craven did for this movie. There isn't a dull moment in the whole movie. Every scene kept me on the edge like I was feeling for Lisa's predicament, seeing the situation from Jack's cold stare, and nearly shouting at the screen for Joe Reiser to get the heck out of the house. All three kept my mind from wandering elsewhere. Well I was probably biased and wouldn't really feel and think anything else if they got different actors for the roles. Also the scenes involving Cynthia (Lisa's nervous assistant) not only provided the all-important break from the heart stopping hostage and chase scenes she was also an important secondary character fundamental to defeating the plans of the enemy. There are talks of making a sequel but I don't think having another one is necessary. The movie can stand on its own and it would be a grave mistake if they pushed through with making a sequel. So I suggest let's leave this story well enough alone. Okie?

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