Sunday, November 27, 2005

Did you get that sweater on sale?

I caught the showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night to satisfy my curiosity after hearing all the hoopla and reading rave reviews from all of those who've watched it. But no matter how much I wanted to like it, the whole thing only succeeded in disappointing me. Well the editing was tight so there wasn't much lull in the movie. The special effects were cool but nothing we haven't seen before in other previous movies. I couldn't say much about the acting except they were as good as in the previous installments of HP. The main part that disappointed was the way the subplots overrode leaving no significant plot to highlight. If the triwizard competition was supposed to be the main plot then sad to say it was drowned out with all the goings on. I didn't feel any real urgency or danger in any part of the film, except maybe when Harry was dangling from the tower and he was trying to reach his broom before the dragon got to him. Even the main event near the end of the movie failed to movie. Here was the big guy everybody was talking about, the guy whose name must not be pronounced, he makes his appearance and... that's it? This is Voldemort? The Dementors were scarier than this guy. Heck, the dark mark is scarier than him! And what's with Harry's now-you-see-it-now-you-don't-now-you-see-it-again scar on the left side of his face? The one he got from the first ordeal. Ron Weasley's actions also annoys me very much in this film while Emma Watson's Hermione Granger is enchanting as she blossoms with age. And did you know that our very own, Heart Evangelista auditioned for the role of Harry's love interest, Cho Chang? I bet things would have turned a lot more interesting if she snagged the part. All in all, it may been a fun but dark ride for everyone else but not for me. Maybe I'm not just not meant to see this movie.

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