Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I got my old files back. I mean the files from my old computer, before it conked out. I extracted the hard drive all by myself some months ago and sold the remaining unit to our helper. The "brain" sat on my desk eversince waiting for the right body to be transplanted in.

Sure there already was an available body (the one my dad was using but abandoned since he gave up writing letters to those organizations he headed before) but I became lazy because of the convenience that my brother's unit afforded. It had a gazillion gigabytes of memory, you see.

That's until we abused it and it's now in danger of losing all those precious space. Plus I was starting to miss my old works and pictures stored in my old HD. So I brought it yesterday to the nearest PC repair shop, had my HD installed as the main drive and relegated the other HD to a secondary back-up drive. Everything worked out. Now all I have to do is install a wi-fi antennae to it and have it connected to the available net connection here at the house and I'm home free. Well, there's also the matter of burning every file on CD to free it from the ever present danger of memory loss.

I rushed a much delayed artwork to Gloria Jeans Coffee's Anniversary Exhibit in Araneta Center earlier this evening. I still don't feel like drawing much of anything after that long vacation we took. I submitted a photo montage of one of the first den meetings we held there. My friend and classmate from college was also there. I thought that would have sufficed, then I saw my friend, Nelz's work. I was floored and all I could think of that my submission pales in comparison to what he's done (you can view them here, here and here). He's also selling them way below what you expect them to be priced.

Makes me want to draw again.

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