Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's 7:22 pm and I'm back here at the library. My buddy has to work overtime so he asks for a couple more hours to finish everything he has to finish while get to spend more time here at the library. I took some shots of the moon over the trees which I'll be posting later this week or prolly next week at my DA page.

I had a quart of skinny chicken chili and a bowl of rice for lunch which amounted to something like $5.76 at this nearby deli-cafe. Not bad considering I would have spent a larger amount than that buying sandwiches at the next door sandwich place. I'm also feeling a bit sad that I would be leaving this place and my friends in a couple more days. It's not like what I felt when we left New York last Saturday. I wish I could be apathetic about all this and not feel a bit least sad about all this.

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