Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's actually 1:00 pm, November 14th here in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles where I'm updating my blog. I'm staying at my college buddy's room in Sepulveda for a couple of days after flying in from New York the other day. I finally got a net access here in the public library close to where he's working. Since I can't bug him or hang around in his office for the day, I thought it would be great hanging around here with all the books I can read. My older brother and sister-in-law is staying in San Francisco for the duration of our remaining days here in the U.S. while my mom and sister flew back to the Philippines earlier today.

I checked out Borders earlier this morning and it's a good thing I could swim or else I would have drowned in the sea of titles available. I'll still be hanging out in the library for the next couple of days before going home.

By then this blog will be alive with tons of pictures from the trip.

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