Saturday, November 26, 2005

You can charge it to my getting up there in the years but I clearly didn't enjoy my stay in the latest and last main pop culture event for this year. First it was the noise. You've got the sound people playing music full blast through the speakers in a place where one's expected to communicate. Like they're expecting people to shout over the music, which in the first place should have been turned down a notch since it was supposed to be ambient music. It doesn't matter how popular it was back in our days, it's still grating noise to people's ears.
Second, I only made a fraction of what I expected to earn from today's event. I guess it should be expected that the main target were looking for a particular style of comics foreign to our country and didn't bother going over those that hardly resembled these... styles. I suppose the feeling's also mutual as I've already sworn off the main stream faction of this genre.

Thirdly, don't get me started on going out of my way to pander to crowds. I don't do things that way. Of course, I do my darn best to sell comics without hawking it like fish in a wet market, although I really appreciate the efforts my friends do on my behalf. I also don't do parlor tricks to get them to stay, not that there's anything wrong with it, it's not for me. What I do is I smile and let them browse whatever it is they want to, as long as they want (provided, they respectfully handle the material). But as soon as they glance at my works, no sooner than they would also turn away and linger at the others' works. I've noticed the same pattern no matter where we are, either people expect serious Western-inspired drawings on the indie comics with its brawny, squared jawed men and busty women or Japanese style drawings with effeminate looking men and whispy looking women.

I don't belong to neither one of them. So as a matter of course, people don't pay much attention to my work. Cartoon characters, with their goofy looking faces still seem to be relegated as kid's stuff. It's still below the ranks of superheroes and super sayans. It seems I would have to wait for quite some time before people would start to pay attention to what I'm selling. I'm not asking much. I'm not asking them to pay attention to me. I don't like being in the center of attention. In fact I'd rather not talk on stage as it's both awkward and embarassing for me and the audience. I'd rather my work speak for me. But it seems that that doesn't work either. Am I scary? Do I intimidate people? Believe me I'm a lot more intimidated of you than you are of me. I just put up this mask to scare people into not talking to me. But that's just what it is... a stupid mask. It's the same thing everywhere.

* I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here, ok? I'm just blowing steam off because it's not everyday that I get to air what I feel about anything anyway.

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