Saturday, December 24, 2005

I found this interesting flash video of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" recreated by what I think to be a college student with a lot of time on his or her hands:

Click to open another window.

The original video by Mr. Joel was interesting enough but this one's loads of fun! Found the link via This and That.

Also, I'm sure one way or another you've all heard about the rumor regarding local alternative band, Orange and Lemon's composition for the hit song, "Pinoy Ako." That it sounds a lot like an old song composed by a foreign band. I love the song and all but sad to say the rumor was probably founded on truth (I say "probably" because I've haven't heard O&L's side regarding this one)*. The band whose music "inspired" the melody for the song is The Care (they're a British new wave group who came out with memorable hits like "Flaming Sword" and "Whatever Possessed You" among others, the duo later broke up to create other bands, The Wild Swans and Lightning Seeds, both of which became popular in their own right). The song in question is titled "Chandeliers." See and judge for yourself by hearing the two songs playing side by side uploaded in this link: Pinoy-Chandeliers-Tayo. The full version of "Chandeliers" is the one playing on the left speaker, and an almost complete "Pinoy Ako" on the right (Quicktime player needed).

* I came upon an old issue of "Seventeen" magazine and in the interview granted by the band, they said the lyrics were already provided for them and they were tasked to compose the music for it. They didn't elaborate their answers.

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