Friday, December 23, 2005

I haven't been in the mood to draw anything for the longest time. In fact it started ever since we came back from a long vacation. I don't have the patience to think of building up a joke and drawing characters over and over again. It's become quite a chore I have to do not because I want to but because I have to.

On the journal I posted dated November 28 in my deviantART page, I said that I would be posting more photographs than comic strips and toons in the coming days ahead. The reason for which I offered was "Because I have a lot of them stored in my brother's harddrive and it would be a shame not to put them someplace where anybody can see them. Secondly, I'm not much in the mood for drawing stuff . While with photography, you have minimal problems with the creative part. You don't feel like picking up the pen/cil? Take your camera and express your mood with it. The subjects are almost always available and with the advent of digital cameras, you'll be able to judge in seconds if your piece is worth keeping or not."

Art is such a personal thing I can't help but feel slighted even with a bit of criticism. I usually take criticisms coming from non-artists harder than fellow artists. Probably because I know they know what they're talking about so they're more in the business of telling me what needs improvement. Of course I still do have to sort through what the others are saying, that prevents my head from soaring up in the clouds.
The third reason I gave for not drawing had something to do with the weather: = which usually flushes any creative mood down the toilet. But now that I think about it, it's been weeks, the weather's the same and I realized I'm living under a dark cloud that refuses to go away. We all live under one in one way or another but I'm not like those that can expertly hide its existence by denying that they're living under one. Right now its refusal to budge obscures any light needed for artistic inpiration to come through. That's where I ask myself if it's all worth it because right now I don't feel it's very much appreciated by those who should have been the first ones to do so.

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