Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Alumni Homecoming last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The usual suspects were all there plus of couple of faces I haven't seen for almost 20 years (!). The priests in charge of the school also fixed the place up putting a huge roof over the yard where we used to hold our morning assembly. While change is good why do they have to cover every available space with hard concrete and cold steel? Time was when you can still see the sky and everything and everyone beyond the distance of 50 feet. Not anymore. Speaking of changes, or rather the lack of it, there wasn't anything remotely like that last night in comparison to the other homecoming in the past. The rest of the homecoming was quite predictable as we stood around greeting the new comers and exchanging stories with them and the others. Maybe it's me feeling my age, that I'm not as enthusiastic about these things unlike before. Or maybe it's that part of me that doesn't like crowds. I'm just so blase about the whole thing. It was nice seeing the old guys but we seriously have do something other than drinking beer to get some bonding going. I dunno, like once try to be really interested in what the others do in their spare time?

Brand new roof over the yard

Jorge and Dennis taking a breather

The gleaming tower of beer

No guts, no glory

Papparazzi on the loose

Edsel reacts to a message on his phone while Jorge and Michelle looks on

It's great to these guys again

We finished the night at the Hard Rock Café a few blocks away. Jorge asked me to tag along for an after-party party, so there we went along with his older brother, Joseph and a couple of other friends. They chided me a bit for not keeping in touch, asking where I was the whole time and what I was doing. It was a great night all in all, the one thing I regret about it was the fact that I could have taken the time out to drop by their place when I had the time. I promise this year would be different, I'll pay them a chunk of whatever time I'll manage to carve out.

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