Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dreamed John Goodman as Waiter of the blog Waiter Rant. The gist of the dream was based on an old entry of his where he recounts talking to a lawyer friend of his. Bits of the dream are blurry and I can't really remember how it went but someone pulls Waiter from the table for a little while toward the door, turns out to be another friend of his and after a round of pleasantries, Waiter's face turned to a frown when he started asking favor from him in helping him get a good deal on something from the lawyer but he refuses. It was something like out of the movie.

The next part of the dream had something to do with my character, BJ. I forgot what we were talking about but the familiarity turned a strange turn when I noticed that he looked a lot like my other friend and without the goatee. I was woken up by the dog coming into the room before I could ask any more questions.

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