Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finding out that there's an opening in one of the local publishing companies made me rethink of heading out there and try out again. That's when I thought about resurrecting the lone superhero character that I originally did as a submission to Funny Komiks back in the 90s (college classmate and Combatron creator, Berlin Manalaysay gave us a tip that there was an opening in the comic but out of the four of us who tried out only one was accepted). Then I thought maybe it wasn't time so I retired the character till another publication suited for the strip would come around. The costume was also too simple as it was originally slated to published in a kiddie comic book but now that I look at it I think it's time for a revamp. Here's the first design for the costume:

It still needs some work but it's going towards the direction I want, incorporating bits of armor with the costume. I've got the story down pat or at least the gist of the main plot which has something to do with the gods of Olympus. Partly inspired by an old 80s Twilight Zone episode where the Greek gods were forced to survive in the modern era by taking on menial jobs. It's something like that but instead of taking menial jobs some of them decide to become superheroes and villains to try to regain the old worship and adulation they're used to.

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