Sunday, January 08, 2006

I was late by around 15 minutes for the planned PEx EB at the bowling alley in Megamall. I had a valid reason though, I was buying some gifts for Jireh and Abby somewhere upstairs in the mall. Ok so it may not be as valid if I planned the whole thing and went there a lot earlier than the agreed time. A couple of other PExers were already there, Jon and Jethro and they were already through with one game when I arrived. They were up for another game and that included me and newcomer, Jary (what's up with the J's, you ask? There's more of where that came from later). It was one decision I regretted making as I totally suck in bowling. I got the lowest score as opposed to the others who were getting strikes left and right and that dampened the mood somewhat. I think that was the case because everybody turned quiet all of sudden, although I could have used some good natured ribbing at the time. It's better than the forced silence that came over the party. I'm swearing off bowling and concentrating on billiards.

Things started to pick up when Jheng arrived then Jovee. At last I was able to connect the PEx nicks with the faces, but the question then was where we could hang out for a while waiting for the others that have yet to arrive. I took the opportunity to grab a late lunch while they parked themselves at Gloria Jeans Coffee near the skating rink. Then it was Ivy's turn to arrive before Ada came. We transferred downstairs after Jon failed to control his cravings for Go-nuts Donuts.

Steeee-rike for the bowling king!

Rush hour at the lanes

Stolen shot

We da PExers invading Go-nuts Donuts

Lining up alpabetically according to height

Smile and say "Swiss Cheese"

Can I get a "Whu?!"

Awright! You go girl!!!

A third of the time we were there some of the others bid their farewell as they have other things to do, friends to meet, and places to go to. That didn't stop us from taking out the cameras (phone cameras even) and start clicking right in front of the store. Passersby might have thought it strange to have a group of young 'uns taking souvenir pictures of each other in the mall. We went up to have a videoke session after getting our fill of taking pictures of each other. The session cost Php100 for 30 minutes, Abby paid for an hour's worth of fun. Much as I wanted to exercise my voice box with a round of Parokya Ni Edgar's "Halaga" I hesitated and watched them belt out a couple of songs each. I thought we were going to watch a movie after this (as I've certainly psyched myself up for some days according to the original plan) but they were already too tired to do anything else so it was off for home for most of us. Since I deemed it too early to go home I stopped by the Starbucks Coffee in Shangri-la to while the hour away reading a book before deciding to go home myself. I exchanged a couple of text messages with Jireh and Abby in the process telling them to come back for another visit if they have the time.

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