Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mandaluyong City at night

It was my first time to hang out at the new Starbucks Coffee at the top floor of the Shangri-la Plaza. The place is divided into two and the seats in both areas are very much from picky patrons who want to lounge around long after the mall closes for the night. The interior area with its comfy chairs, low tables, and provided with big Starbucks umbrellas for that faux outdoor feel is more popular of the two. If you like mulling while watching people malling then this is the area for you. For a lot of people actually. You have to be there early if you want to reserve a spot.

Nice, eh?

The veranda type of area outside gets you a spectacular view of the Metro. If sipping your latte under the stars cigarette in hand while watching the glow of streetlights and billboards is your thing then this would be the place for you, just try to talk a little louder as the noise of vehicular traffic below tends to dampen the mood. That's where I found myself trying to read a book earlier but the noise became too much for me after a while so I moved back in to the regular tables near the counter.

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