Saturday, February 18, 2006

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I just discovered that Berke Breathed's work Opus is now online. I've been looking for it for the longest time all over the net since it's not available locally. Looking all over the usual comic strips sites that is. It's a good thing I stumbled on this site which led me to the only paper that holds the syndication rights to this strip.

If you're wondering why I'm making such a big deal over this, Mr. Breathed's original work, Bloom County was THE main influence in my present work (along with Rumiko Takkahashi but I'll touch on that in future posts). This started way back around 1988 while I was browsing through some old newspapers that I my older brother brought home with him. It was love at first read when I bought the first treasury book back in 1989 and that's when I seriously decided to become a comic strip artist. He's come out with a Christmas animation short almost a decade back featuring this character titled "A Wish for Wings that Work" based on a children's book that he did and I'm looking forward to seeing the Opus movie they're planning to do. Which I hope is still being seriously considered by one of the biggie animation studios.

* Image copied from this site; you can read some of the old Bloom County strips here to know what it's all about; And I'm including these in my early birthday and Christmas wishlist just in case there's a generous soul out there.

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