Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Click the pause button and give it time to finish loading before playing to get the full effect.

This is the first video of "Panic Train" from the adorably cute J-pop girl group, Morning Musume that had me grinning ear to ear like an idiot. Why not? It's got a catchy tune and 15 extremely cute Japanese girls dancing around with kooky snaps. I first saw it from the laptop of a friend a couple of years ago and I still can't get enough of it. So imagine my surprise when I saw another video of the same song:

You know the drill! Hop to it!

The first one's got the lively dance moves, playing around with diabetes-inducing cute expressions on their faces. This second one shows them in school uniforms and using seamless editing to change themselves looks into somebody else. So... which one do you think is better? I think so too. They're really so kawaii!

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