Friday, February 24, 2006

People Power is dead and there's no reason for us to resurrect it anymore. Most of the "heroes" of the original march led by former President Cory Aquino have abused it and are now using it to further their own ends. I myself wasn't looking forward to celebrating the 20th Anniversary in EDSA. Heck I wasn't celebrating it anymore after the 6th year (the first anniversary was, of course, the best of the lot with the Japanese government bringing out three giant Taiko drums of their country for the first time and performing it on a makeshift stage where the church of Our Lady of EDSA now stands). Back then celebrating People Power involved the arts with crowds of people from all over the Metro coming over to watch various performances like singing, dancing, and the like being held onstage. Celebrating People Power used to be a delight to behold! People were one in heart and spirit dedicated to keeping the memory of why it happened in the first place.

That was then. Then politics got in the way. Over the years those so called "heroes of EDSA" began showing their true colors. They began switching sides to suit themselves whenever they didn't get their way. Thus the vernacular slang "balimbing" became the norm. The flourishing arts that enjoyed its time under the patronage of the former first Lady, Imelda Marcos were relegated to the sides as freedom of speech, the privilege to poke fun at what was wrong with the government, was taken away (those who are old enough can recall the term "sequester" as something that we quickly became familiar with as TV stations and other forms of media identified with the former regime came under the control of the PCGG [Presidential Commission on Good Government] headed by former Vice-President Doy Laurel). How quickly we forget 20 years after the event. Does anyone even remember that we were supposed to be celebrating National Arts Month? And what should have been a grand start to a three-day celebration to this wonderful month, The Arts and Music Festival which opened today at the Megatrade Hall was almost forgotten by everyone. There were hardly any people going around to browse inside the booths or watch the awesome performance on stage exactly because there were hardly anyone inside the mall nor in the streets fearful of what's been happening. Oppositionists and those who has anti-administration sentiments shouldn't pin the blame the government on this one but on their foolhardy thoughts on a stupid stunt that majority of the people never wanted in the first place.

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