Monday, February 06, 2006

Senseless. The whole thing was senseless. There are various reports as to how the stampede started, some said that someone in the back of the crowd gave a shout about a bomb. The only problem with this premise was that if there indeed was a bomb there you would have thought that the people would scattered in different directions instead of pushing themselves inside the gate. The most plausible report was that those in charge of the activities either started handing out tickets or they started opening the gates to the venue causing those in the back to start pushing in hopes of getting the limited number of tickets or a good seat in front.

In the immediate aftermath of the stampede those who were responsible for the tragedy had only apologies to offer but they were nowhere near acknowledging their faults to the authorities much less to the families of victims. Game show host Willie Revillame even offered to go on with the show in the face of tragedy. That's what I don't understand. People died and lots others were injured and you'd offer to continue with the show? How dare you? This isn't some kind of piddling incident where people got scared and came out with only bruises on their arms and legs. How dare the others in the crowd echoing the same sentiment? It would have been better if you have kept your mouth shut in the meantime and let the gravity of the situation sink in. People are dead and don't you dare blame the situation of the government, the President, or the poverty of the folks who lined up for your show. You failed to beef up security, you failed to deploy ushers and guards to help the folks line up in an orderly fashion, you fed their mendicant mentality by raising their hopes of a better life by giving away money. The status of the show is in limbo and as usual fingers from the organizers are pointing in directions other than themselves. I do hope those involved still have their consciences and I hope against hope that they would heed them and do whatever they can to not only financially compensate the victims, the survivors and their families but also do whatever they can to prevent another huge tragedy from ever happening again.

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