Saturday, February 04, 2006

We finally got to visit the oft-heard-but-not-much-seen Chunky Far Flung Gallery in Cubao when me, Lyndon and Lei hied off in search of Jomike's newly book compilation of his strips, Mikrokosmos. Cozy store with truckloads of rare memorabilias along with cartoon and movie merchandise that would have geeks salivating in no time. Everything in the store is reasonably priced and pretty much affordable though most of them were one of a kind. Here are the pictures from inside the store:

This last one's the outside of the place. There's no signage or billboard to tell you that this is it, well except for a small sign hanging from the glass window with scrabble tiles spelling out the name of the store. A cafe cum gallery is located on the second floor. Indie artists are invited to consign their wares or exhibit their works there too.

After this we had our dinner at the dampa inside the newly refurbished Cubao wet market. Prices for most of the food there were a bit prohibitive and you'd only enjoy the whole thing if you a.) planned on eating there way beforehand (i.e. you had a budget set for this), and b.) you got to use the function rooms where you could sing your heart out with the available videoke machines. After dinner we went our separate ways with them buying some supplies in the grocery and me dropping by Fully Booked for a while then proceeding to my old haunt to draw the strips. I also got to meet an old friend and classmate from college before I got to my seat and a good thing too since I've been looking for him the longest time. He and his girlfriend were on their way to watch a movie and we got to catch up with each other before exchanging cellphone numbers with each other. I finished the strip some two and a half hours later but I'll finish the whole editing thing tomorrow.

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