Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Let's face it the world's not getting any better and no matter how much we want it things will continue to go from bad to worse. But even knowing all this things we either surrender to the inevitable ("That's the way it goes.") or we're just plain apathetic about all this ("Who cares?"). It would have been bad enough if that we're the only case but nowadays a lot of adults and would-be guardians of society are themselves the purveyors of corruption ("Do it as long as it feels good and you're not hurting anybody.") They defend their wrongful actions and brand anyone else who says otherwise as "prejudiced" and "intolerant".

I first heard about this Christian group, Battle Cry in the O'Reilly Factor just now which featured a group of them making a stand in front of the San Francisco City Hall raising their banners and making themselves heard as every other special groups before did. Next thing you know gay supporters showed up on the opposite said of the street and things turned ugly. Here in this video Mr. O'Reilly inteview representatives of both sides and allows them to talk about what happened:

This is really a serious matter, one that shouldn't be taken lightly in the face of what's happening to our culture. The question I'd like to put forth is do you believe that this is a political rather than a cultural issue (as per allegations by the group, "World Can't Wait")? Who's imposing whose ideals on who? Whose side are you going to take? Any comments?

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