Friday, March 17, 2006

It's like a BEFORE and AFTER picture.

I first noticed the striking resemblance between the two countries while watching FOX News some months before. It was so cool, you'd think that this is where the Filipino-UK connection comes from (Brit pop is such a huge influence on our music and fashion culture starting with the 80s). And today being St. Patrick's Day ("Top o' the morning to ya!") did you know that the similarities don't stop with geography as the Irish share a lot of cultural traits with the Filipinos chief of which is both people's penchant for hospitality? There's also the mañana habit and a host of others I forgot (better check the Lonely Planet's Guide to Ireland for more about this, believe me it's so surreal as if the Irish and the Filipinos fell out of the same tree). Indeed if you also want the know-how of speaking the Irish Brogue then by all means click here.

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