Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is the video for one of the very few Elvis Costello songs that I liked way back in the late 80s. This one's from the album Spike (1989) which I bought after hearing this song playing on the radio. This is a collaboration with former-Beatle, Paul McCartney, the main difference would be the accoustic version playing with the video. It's actually a sad song despite the jingly-happy tone and what I previously thought to be a fictional account of a rape-vitim or something is said to be a song was written for Elvis' grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and was in a nursing home.* Also parts of the lyrics have been changed and do listen closely to the story that "bookends" this video, sort of an prologue-epilogue kinda thing that tells something about the inspiration behind the song.

* Meaning of Lyrics From Songs of the 80s.

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