Monday, March 20, 2006

Way before Full House or even hosting The World's Funniest Videos with Arleen Sorkin, actor/comedian, Dave Coulier had Nickelodeon's Out of Control (1984). Who could ever forget regular segments like "How NOT To Do Things", "It's Probably True", "Hurry-up" (where a fictitious kid would write in and request Dave to use the machine to hurry things up in school or the playground), and "Let's Eat" (where Dave would visit an actual restaurant, review it, and present the owner with a golden chattering-teeth trophy). Or other skit players like the crazy Floor Director with too much make-up on, Diz, or segment reporters: Hern Burferd and Angela Quigley, or even all-around handy man, Waldo? I remember recording a couple of these shows on tape but unfortunately I'm not sure where it is right now.

* Click here to read episode guides from this show.

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