Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've been doing caricatures for some years now and if there's anything I'd usually refuse to draw are those who either provide a 1" x 1" ID sized picture and blown up to 15" x 20" portrait (I received flak from those earlier in doing this) or those who constantly move and look away if I'm drawing them on the spot. Kids belong in the latter category and it's no fault of theirs if as I understand that they're naturally hyperactive. Who wants to stand around a stranger when you got the whole to play in, right? But what gets my goat are the parents or grandparents who have the gall to complain afterwards that I didn't do a good job of getting their kids' or grandkids' faces after seeing that they themselves had a hard time making the kids stay put and patiently wait for me to finish. But thankfully they were overshadowed by the number of satisfied customers who walked away with a smile on their faces and a heartfelt "Thank you!" thrown our way. Props to my friend, Lyndon for sharing the gig with me, thanks man!

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