Sunday, April 02, 2006

Something amusing and heartwarming happened earlier today while I was drawing my comics in Starbucks. I was there in one corner of the coffeeshop trying to finish my work (I was redrawing a lot of strips that came out before because I wasn't happy with the way it turned out). There weren't that much people hanging around in the part of the shop that I was in, just a few folks quietly talking among themselves or busying themselves with their reading. There were a few people sitting around waiting for someone to meet them there. Among those who were waiting were a couple of old caucasians. They seemed like a married couple and they took the table perpendicular to mine. I continued on with my work but I would take small breaks every once in a while watching the people mind their own business. After about ten minutes later someone who I assumed to be their daughter arrived and they got ready to go. I went back to my drawing and when I stopped to look up I saw the old guy and the young woman standing outside the door waiting for the mother. I assumed the old gal made a quick pitstop before they went their way.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her handing me a cup of coffee after a few minutes. She says I was doing a great job in my drawing and that was her way of showing her appreciation. I smiled at her and said thank you. She then walked away to join her husband and daughter outside. I was a bit embarrassed with the attention so I avoided looking at them when they passed by the side of the window where I was. Good thing I was almost finished inking the pencils at the time while different thoughts raced through my mind. Still I thought about the kindness of that stranger, Melrose. God bless you for your sweet gesture and thoughfulness.

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