Saturday, April 15, 2006

Today's our last day in Baguio and it's good riddance to the hotel we stayed in. As an additional security measure my brother got a sworn affidavit from the Department of Tourism office of Baguio and according to him they weren't at all surprised that another incident like this happened at the same hotel (or inn). Well after an uneventful breakfast at McDonald's we acceded to mom's request to visit the motherload of all second-hand clothing (Baguio's ukay-ukay was I think the first in the country or at least the first one to be publicized back in the Metro). Being short on cash I stayed in the sidelines and refused to even look at some of the items but eventually boredom settled in and I began checking one or two stalls. By the time we finished with the lot I got a baseball jersey-like piece with what I think to be a Japanese-English translated word and one Ultraman stuffed-toy which I plan to sell on eBay.

After that we had our last meal in the resto at the other corner of Burnham Park before heading for home. I'd like to say that I'll be missing this city a lot but not right now. Maybe in the future, give or take some years from now when I'll be able to look back on all this without feeling a tinge of regret and derision.

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