Saturday, May 27, 2006

I feel so good now that the rainy season has already started. Hopefully sans power failures. The cold season is here! The cold season is here! Traffic is predictably going to be gnarly and hell-like but that's a price we're all going to have to pay. One wonders when are we going to learn our lessons from all this?

Hehehe... I remembered remarking about my unusual glee with this kind of weather around last year and one of my friends said that maybe I'm half frog or something. And to think that when I was growing up I used to feel depressed and sentimental about everything whenever the wet season starts pouring in and now for the second half of my life I'm starting to actually rejoice that the skies are turning gray and people can't do much. That's me, a regular freakazoid.
This was what I wrote four years ago to the day. It was one of the attempts in blogging that I did in my personal thread in the message board, PinoyExchange. Nothing much has changed except I'm a bit apathetic about the weather nowadays. I'm hardly fascinated with watching water falling from the skies but that's probably because the view's changed and I don't get to instantly see people running around for cover once it starts pouring. Still I can't deny there's somethng magical and fascinating about it all happening again. Scientists can explain everything they want but nothing ever compares to seeing it all happen. It's like being a kid again except now I'm more wont to watching the drops of rain create crown-like effects on the wet ground and following leaves being carried by the clear splashing water instead of running to and fro and enjoying the shower.

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