Monday, May 08, 2006

It's another crazy Monday with comic strip deadlines hanging above my head like Damocle's sword hanging over my head. The thing is I only have this vague idea for a strip and as of yet it's still half-baked. It's the same problem with introducing new characters in the strip that I haven't spent time knowing prior to their introduction, the getting-to-know-you part is a brain drain and I'm not sure how they or the others would react to certain situations. This is even beside the fact that I know who they are, just the subtle details that make them unique individuals that get to me. So in lieu of another post telling you how my day went why don't you watch this video from one of my childhood crushes, Sheena Easton (which pretty much tells you how old I am but you have to admit she's hot) with her hit single, Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair).

* Those who remember the dance moves for this song with one hand cupping the right ear while the other arm is stretched overhead waving in sync with the beat while swaying side to side will get a good laugh out of this. But, hey, it's fun, right?

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