Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ok, I admit it. I did it. I caved in. This was the sequel I was deliberating to do or not some weeks back (my friend, Syeri, already pointed it out the last time but I didn't want to drop any hints about it being the joke and all). In any case, the government already reverted the name back to Sasmuan after decades of embarrassment from the international community. The name originally came from TABNUAN, a centuries-old Pampango word which means "meeting place" which was later changed to Sasmuan due to proliferation of SASA or nipa palms in the area. But when the Americans first came to the country around the turn of the last century they either had some trouble reading the spelling of the name or they were feeling naughty and changed it to "Sexmoan." I also don't much of anything about the municipality except for the fact that they're reknowned for having the best prawn and bangus (milkfish) around. And the sweets. Don't forget the famous Pampanga sweets.
This is another retro post for a bonus strip that was finished on June 22 (almost a month from now). I wanted and could have posted what I submitted to and came out in the paper today but the joke doesn't work at all and I'm too embarrassed to show what a failure it's become. You should know that joke was part of what I've planned to write, and it was a great idea for a joke too, but time has funny thing of blurring things as I've forgot to write it at the time what happened was the idea remained but the dialogue was forgotten. I tried an tried to remember what it was that made it funny but I just couldn't until I ran out of time and came up with something I'm now embarrassed to show you all. Maybe time will be kinder next time and I'll probably be able to make it work again.

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