Sunday, June 04, 2006

I don't how others would react to this movie (and judging from the reactions I see online, it's bound to be either ugly or ambivalent) Failure to Launch is a fun flick to watch. Ok the story is a tad predictable and you can see the ending a mile away but who cares? You go see a movie to entertain yourself. Leave your logic at the door, sit back, relax and dig in your popcorn tub. The destination isn't as important as the journey itself and what a ride it was. How do you kick your own kid out of the house without hurting his feelings is the subject of this movie. Never mind the two protagonists as they did nothing but slow down the pace while the other, more interesting characters in this story prance around having the time of their lives. Not that Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) and Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) weren't fun to watch go through the motions of courtship before dropping a "I'm-not-who-you-really-think-I-am" cliché when everything's turning up rosy. We've all seen the same thing before, notably like in that other McConaughey movie, How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days (they even share the same shapely blonde for a girlfriend). But aside from that minor quibble the movie and its cast succeeds in bringing us a very funny and entertaining story every American parent faces, exactly how do you kick your adult kid out of the house without hurting his feelings. And the two protagonists would have had a hard time keeping the story afloat if not for the priceless comedy scenes provided by the secondary characters like Tripp's geeky best friends, Ace (Justin Bartha) and Demo (Bradley Cooper) who were also in the same situation as he is except they have plans of moving out of their parents house, and Paula's gloomy roommate, Kit (Zooey Deschanel) who was constantly being tortured by a Mocking Bird who took residence near their house. I bow to these three actors for providing most of the laughs. Major props also goes to Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw for also providing some of the laughs and the tender moments that rings true to every parent who're struggling with the idea of romance after decades of taking care of the kids. This one's a great addition to the movie library when the DVD comes out!

* Check out also the review in Hollywood Jesus for more insightful reactions to this really funny movie.

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