Friday, June 02, 2006

My dad's in the hospital again. Nothing serious, he's just in for observation. He was ordered by his doctor to be confined yesterday after she saw the report of his blood sugar this past few days. It gave her a good scare to find out it was flirting around 400 or so. Now usually I loathe the idea of staying over to watch for hours on end if only because the bare walls of the room deprived of anything colorful and cheerful save for the idiot box drains the brain. The position of the TV set high up on its perch also tends to leave a crick in the neck. But given the fact that that previous bad experience is now a distant memory I immediately said yes when she asked me to be her reliever for a few hours.

I brought my camera with me just for purposes of taking background shots inside a hospital room and just in case I come across something interesting. When I came into the room my dad was watching Dude Where's My Car on cable. Of course he had idea what that was, he's just too pooped to change and he couldn't care less what's on. I watched the movie as soon as I realized what it was and afterwards I took a walk down to the cafeteria to eat some late lunch. Later with nothing to do inside the room I took my camera and started snapping away at anything. The clouds were awesome, especially a dark ominous one in the horizon that signalled strong rains late in the afternoon:

I was right. When my mom came back to relieve me the rains came and a strong one at that. I asked our driver to let me down at the MRT station in Ortigas so I could go attend the Den meeting in Cubao. Watching water pour down from the skies with such strength was really a sight to behold as it hit and splashed against the windshield producing a sound that's music to my ears. What a great, beautiful day it is.

Thank you, God.

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