Monday, July 24, 2006

Watch Lady In the Water. One of the best films I've ever watched.

Sure, he let a lot of people down with The Village but that doesn't mean that this would suck too. Like the way I didn't agree with a lot of people who liked Unbreakable but I liked his follow up movie (Signs). Keep an open mind when you watch this film, and also keep in mind that this is a fairy tale and not a horror movie. That way you won't end up disappointing yourself and also leave all logic at the door and watch this movie with the eyes of child. Expect to be told a simple tale of finding the assurance that one has a place in this world and even the smallest thing you do can have the biggest impact on someone else.

You have to believe that this all makes sense somehow.” --Cleveland Heep
Don't believe what the critics say, actually don't read any of the criticisms before watching this one. Make up your own mind after watching this one.

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