Monday, August 21, 2006

The Meaning of Love (Running time: 03:12 mins.)

The song you're hearing right now (if you're using the IE browser) is the fifth UK single by Depeche Mode originally released on April 26, 1982. It may or may not interest you to know that the band didn't like the songs they put out in the album, A Broken Frame maybe because keyboardist, Martin Gore was suddenly thrust into the position of chief songwriter after Vince Clarke's departure (Clarke departed to form Yazoo with singer Alison Moyet before splitting up to join with Andy Bell in 1985 to form Erasure). Gore would eventually hone his songwriting skills to become DM's sole album songwriter from 1986 to 2001. Those who have acquainted themselves with DM in their latter status as the black leather clad quartet who specializes in dark and depressing songs about blasphemous rumors, enjoying the silence, and shaking the disease would either be pleasantly surprised by this peppy, preppy video or put off by it. Either way the video is something enjoyable to watch.

* All information and reference are found in Wikipedia.

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