Sunday, September 17, 2006

The movie Scoop, sucks. Big time. Woody Allen's a funny guy, I've been a fan of his ever since I saw the movie, Take the Money and Run shown on TV back in the 80s. Looking back he did remind of the the early Rick Moranis or vice versa and it worked. I gave this a chance because of its two young leads and of course it's been a long time since I last saw a Woody Allen film. I came in expecting almost nothing and still being disappointed with the turn-out of the movie is a record low. I can't figure out why he's stuck using the same schtick as a neurotic nerd with low-self esteem. He plays a small time magician and the way he panders his audience in the movie saying things like, "I love you, really. With all due respect, you're a beautiful person. You're a credit to your race." over and over got tiring at the third attempt. Even actors Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson weren't even trying, they just mouthed their lines and went through the motions of acting (Ms. Johansson's lines in her last appearance in the movie was extremely laughable and I don't mean that in a good way). There wasn't any build up in suspense nor did it make people think that there could be other suspects other than Mr. Jackman's character. One could get a better sense of those in a Scooby-Doo cartoon than this movie. Mr. Allen should really know where his limits lie. He should have gotten other writers to write with him and it would have been a lot better if he stuck behind the cameras instead of making a fool of himself in front of it. He could have quit while he was ahead but noooooo. His character's line in the movie, "I was brought up in the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism" was never more appropriate as in this one.

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