Thursday, September 07, 2006

nI'm planning to do the whole comic strip compilation for the CLASS strips is really long overdue and I'm currently in the process of cleaning up the strips, yadda-yadda-yadda. Now I stumbled across a minor dilemma which I hope you, loyal readers of the series, would be able to help me to settle. You see I've been inserting photographs in the latter years of the series pasting them in the strips that called for it (this was way, way before scanners, digital cameras and Photoshop), so I'd like to know which of these do you think looks better?

Original Moses or New Moses?

Do you prefer the grainy and dark original pictures so it would retain the integrity and uniqueness of the old way? Or you'd rather go for the sharper and lighter new pictures that show lot more details than the old ones?

Original panels, or

New panels?

I'd appreciate it very much if you'd write your comments and suggestions in the form below this post.

* These strips were published during the run of Dreamworks' animated movie, The Prince of Egypt (1998).

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