Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've been reading through the posts of this thread about talking to God before they fall asleep. Really touching. Reminds me of what I did last night. Talking of things I want to accomplish with regards to the comic strip I'm making, nothing big really, although relatively speaking, they're a huge deal for Him I'm sure. These are some of the posts that really stand out for me:
"I fall asleep talking to God almost every night, and I used to wake up every morning and first thing I'd do is apologize to God for falling asleep! I would feel so guilty! I was talking to my Dad and I told him about that, and he said that I shouldn't feel guilty, that God is the one that gives my mind the peace to go to sleep. Kind of like I'm falling asleep in the arms of my father... there's no better place to be to feel secure, at least for me!" ~ Dana67

"...I wake up periodically in the middle of the night (I have NEVER slept through the night that I can remember) I am always apologizing and trying to find where I left off talking to Him. I'm glad that it's not a bad thing, though." ~ LoveMyCats

"This post immedately made me think of intimacy with the father. It's kinda like when my husband and I lay in bed watching tv and talking at night and relaxing. Total trust in each other, an absolute feeling of acceptance. Not once have I ever been upset when he starts to gently snore and I turn off the t.v. and let him sleep. I know he knows how much I love him and how much he trust me to love him. Isn't that what marriage is all about?

I don't think God even minds if I start snorring either"
~ quietshyjane

"I almost always lay in bed "talking" to God at the end of the day also, it's when we have our best discussions I think...going over what happened that day...thanking Him for helping me do something good...apologizing and asking for His help for something I did bad. I usually end up falling asleep in the middle of these conversations with Him...just kind of feel like He walks over to my bed, "tucks" me in and kisses me good night on the cheek as I'm laying there sleeping. That tucking in part is the best part of my day...what can be better than that? :)" ~ Marquez
Speaking for myself, I did fall asleep while I was still in the middle of our "discussion" (things slowed down to a slur, I think, before I stopped altogether). I probably snored too. I'd like to think that then he leans over, tucks me in and gives me a good night kiss before sitting down beside the bed to watch over me. I think I'll do this again tonight.

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