Friday, October 13, 2006

I've come across some weird english spelling while surfing the net which bugs me no end. It apparently started over at the forums but soon spread over to articles and other stuff. I'm talking about the way these people would substitute the letter a over the letter e so they end up spelling words like "definitely" into definately, or "shepherd" into shephard, or "dependent" into dependant (or, worse, dependance). Existence - existance, apparent - apparant. Rodents - rodants. Protestants - protestents?! Like, whuUuAAAT?!!

Or how 'bout this other word I came across, they turned the word "moron" into moran. This is definitely as worse as the recent texting trend using the terms "si me" to refer to themselves in the second person (can it get more egoistic or anything be more saccharinely-cute-to-the-point-of-puking than that?) or "u" as in "wer n u?" (aaaaawwww!).

So moranic.

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