Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kind Cobra and Considerate Rat by ~Uncle-White on deviantART

I've nothing yet to show for today's Thursday comic ring because of the decisions I'm making about the strips I usually post here. So in place of a comic strip of my own devising, I thought I'd post an artwork by one of my favorite quirky DA artists along with Nocturnal-Devil and bov9. It's not a comic strip, I know, but it's still a comic in the humorous sense and it's a Thursday, so there ya go! Just click the image to watch the whole thing, afterwards go check what the others in the webring have in store for us today.

* I changed the image because for some reason DA took down the flash animation gallery down. Twas good while it lasted.

Jonas Diego
Jerald Dorado
Reno Maniquis
Edgar Tadeo

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