Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My phone died today. It was already sickly from the beginning but it finally breathed its last when it fell out of my pocket and hit the ground head first. I was already resigned to buying a new phone prior to its demise. I was already shopping around for newer models, making plans on how to come up with the money needed, especially if I needed to use the credit card. The main problem came from the battery. For some reason it only charged halfway through and I could only use the thing for a day or two if I'm lucky before it needed to be charged again. Then earlier today when we arrived at Sonya's Garden, somewhere after Tagaytay, I put the phone inside my polo pocket and completely forgot about it when I went down the car. I was seated at the back which means I had to bow down a bit to avoid hitting my head on the door frame. Next thing I knew I felt the phone slip out of my pocket and hit the ground quite hard. I thought nothing about it first as the bar indicating the battery charge was pretty low, it probably needed to charged and everything will be ok. I discovered that something was seriously wrong when we got back home and it wouldn't charge at all. Right now I'm thinking of junking the whole thing, salvage the SIM card and buy a new phone. Funny thing is, it's not as painful or different as when I lost the previous phone last summer.

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